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  • Oct : 26 : 2011 - Sunrise @ Barobo Beach Resort
  • Oct : 26 : 2011 - Sunrise @ Punta Dumalag, Davao City

Much has been said already on my past blog about this tiny great nation during my first visit in Singapore way back in 2008. Last August was my second time but I brought with me my family. Actually, our travel was part of my gift to my wife and son since they are both celebrating their birthdays on August.

Needless to say, photography was also one of the reasons why I yielded to my wife’s request. 🙂

I went there expecting good Nightscape Photography in Marina Bay Area which Singapore is known for and these were my shots…

Just want to repost my past blog on our first trip to singapore…

Singapore and Philippines at a glance
Feb 5, 2008

Just recently, our company treated us to an all expense paid Asian trip to Malaysia and Singapore. It took 2 airplanes to lift some 120 plus medical representatives and office-based colleagues for a 6-day “drug pushing” holiday. It served as an incentive for hitting our 2007 sales target-the first in the last 6 years (Afoohh). Sacrifice and resilience had been compensated at last. Thank you PFIZER!

Though cruising through our Asian neighbours nowadays is like buying a high-end cellphone so to speak, the idea of being acquainted to a different culture thrills me the most. Btw, it’s my first time to have my passport stamped. 🙂

True indeed, Malaysia and Singapore have overrun us socio-economically. Take Singapore as a reference, it’s just .2% relative the Philippine’s land mass or just twice the area of Samal Island yet it’s Asia’s 3rd richest nation or shall I say tiny island nation in terms of Gross National Product ( GNP). Philippines, with all its very rich Natural Resources lags at #11. It’s foreign reserves surplus is 147 Billion US dollars, more than enough to pay our Foreign debts in a day. Exceptionally overwhelming…

Make no mistake about my loyalty as a Filipino patriot but I just can’t understand why a tiny nation like Singapore who buys their drinking water in other countries and a population of less than 5 million stands like a Giant in World economy. Perhaps, it’s their culture, their colonizers, their attitude as a race or maybe it’s on their committed and incorruptible leaders. I salute their valiant leader- Lee Kuan Yew.

Hope. The Philippines , with all her riches has it and must have it. My mind keeps on drifting to a great country that once was, where we stood as the 2nd richest country in Asia next to Japan, where the exchange rate of the Peso to a US dollar is 1=1. The Formula: Discipline+Godly Attitude +Leaders with integrity.

For now, I can only imagine…

For more about my personal blog, please visit: www.repapip.blogspot.com

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